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Zuma Deluxe PC Game Free Download Full Version

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Information about Zuma Deluxe Pc Game
Zuma is an action-puzzle game that puts the sphere-shooting, color-matching play of the Bust-A-Move games on a variety of patterned playing fields. Each playing field has a grooved channel that winds and twists about, and a stone frog "idol" in the center. Players have a top-down view of the action. A string of differently colored marbles slowly moves through the winding channel, from the outside of the board toward the frog in the center. The frog can be freely rotated, and players can shoot the differently colored marbles (which appear in its mouth) in any direction.
By shooting a marble from the frog's mouth into a series of the same colored marbles in the channel, players can create successions of three or more spheres of the same color; when this happens, all the marbles in the succession disappear. The object of the game is to remove all the marbles in the channel, ideally by firing as few marbles from the frog's mouth as possible. Various power-up marbles appear occasionally, producing special effects when shot, and chain reactions are possible, but if the line of marbles in the channel reaches the frog in the center, the level is lost.
The original version of PopCap's Zuma can be played for free online. The retail "Deluxe" version of the game features 3D graphics, new background themes, more sound effects and music, and additional modes of play.
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Screen Shot.
Zuma Deluxe System Requirments.
  1. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  2. Pentium II 350MHz Processor
  3. 64MB RAM
  4. DirectX 7
  5. 16-bit Video Card
  6. DirectX compatible Sound Card
  7. 30MB Hard Disk Space
  8. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive

Zuma Deluxe PC Game Free Download Full Version

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